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Bud Boy | Cane Bong - Red- H:43cm- Ø:50mm- WT:3mm (circa)- Glass Percolator
Ice: No 
Oil: No 
Led: No 
Shape: Straight 
Carton: 25 pcs 
Number of Perculators:
Thickness: 3mm 
Perculator: Double barrel 
Height: 40 
Diameter: 50 
Color: Red 
Bud Boy | Cane Bong - Red- H:43cm- Ø:50mm-...
This red Bud Boy Bong is a fine piece of glass art made to satisfy your smoking expectations! Formed in the shape of a hollow base tube of 43cm height, it comes with a black bowl, for placing your precious herbs or tobacco. The black...
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