Grace Glass | LABZ Series | Matt White Recycler

Grace Glass | LABZ Series | Matt White Recycler

Recycler is one of the latest Grace Glass bongs! It comes with an innovative design featuring a built-in chillum that swirls around the flatbottomed tube, reaching down to an inside percolator, which breaks apart your smoke into tiny particles. You place your herbs onto the detachable bowl equipped with two sides and and an inside screen, used to secure your herbs from falling into the tube.Some holes in the middle of the tube will offer you a comfortable grip. The Grace Glass logo appears at the top of the tube, which ends up in a mouthpiece ring.

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  • G1711W

  • Carton: 15 pcs
    Thickness: 5mm
    Ice: No
    Oil: No
    Led: No
    Socket: 14.5mm
    Shape: Narrow neck
    Number of Perculators: 2
    Perculator: Swiss
    Diameter: 50
    Height: 30
    Color: White