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Grace Glass OG Series | Empire State Hit v2

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This Green Tree Grace Glass Bong is an exceptional piece of glass art that will give you a smashing hit! It is made of a robust heat proof borosilicate glass, formed in the shape of a bouncer base tube. A detachable chillum with a sure ground of 18.8mm diameter is used in order for your smoke to spread into the tube and get filtered by the water. The chillum connects to a green bowl on top of it for placing your tobacco or herb. A 3x green slit hole percolator will bubble up your smoke for soothing your toke, some ice noches can hold a few cubes, for cooling your smoke, and a kick hole at the height of the sure ground will offer you the option of enjoying a different toke angle. With the Grace Glass logo featuring at the top of the tube, the whole set-up ends up in a cosy green mouthpiece ring through some glass beads beautifully shaped all around. Replacement parts: Bowl: X1039 GREEN, Chillum: 0969

  • G218G

  • Ice: Yes
    Color: Green
    Oil: No
    Height: 65
    Socket: 18.8mm
    Thickness: 7mm
    Number of Perculators: 3
    Shape: Hollow foot shape
    Perculator: Dome perc
    Diameter: 50
Glass Kawum- L:14cm Glass Kawum- L:14cm
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