Amsterdam Glass Bong- H:28cm- Ø:40mm SG:18.8mm 6pcs in box

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Amsterdam Glass Bong- H:28cm- Ø:40mm SG:18.8mm 6pcs in box We present an 'Amsterdam' glass bong with a twist- towards the base. This 'Amsterdam' glass bong is just like the others you love but features a strong, curved base. Watch the smoke curve as it rises towards you. This bong also comes with a 40mm detachable slide bowl, handle included 'cos, who wants burnt fingers? Like all other 'Amsterdam' bongs this features a detachable chillum, 18.8mm. The mouth piece, 'Amsterdam' logo (on the front), and the ice catcher notches features beautiful colored glass. This bong is 28cm tall & is equipped with a glass percolator to bring you the smooth hits you deserve. Comes in a mixed pack. Colors- Orange, Blues, Green. 6pcs in box.

  • 02939MIX

  • Ice: Yes
    Oil: No
    Socket: 18.8mm
    Thickness: 5mm
    Diameter: 40mm
    Color: Mixed
    Height: 28cm
    Number of Perculators: 1
    Shape: Straight
    Perculator: Circ perc
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