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Glass Bong Narcotic - H:24cm

Glass Bong Narcotic - H:24cm
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This Glass Bong Narcotic is a simple piece of glass art that can offer you a nice hit! It is formed in the shape of a conical tube of 24cm height. It comes with a built-in spiral socket of 14.5mm diameter, used as a diffuser, in order for your smoke to spread into the water chamber. The socket connects to a slide 1 point bowl for placing your herb or tobacco. Your bong includes also a kick hole at the height of the socket that will offer you the option of enjoying an alternative toke angle. With the Narcotic logo featuring along the tube, the bong ends up in sidecar mouthpiece.

  • 01075

  • Color: Clear
    Height: 24
    Ice: No
    Oil: No
    Socket: 18.8mm
    Shape: Narrow neck
    Diameter: 65
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