5mm Glass Bong- H:48cm- Ø:50mm -Socket:18.8mm- WT:5mm (circa)

5mm Glass Bong- H:48cm- Ø:50mm -Socket:18.8mm- WT:5mm (circa)
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This 5mm Glass Bong is a simple piece of glass art that will offer you a fine hit! It is formed in the shape of a flat base tube of 48cm height, 50mm diameter and 5mm wall thickness. Your precious herbs are placed onto the bowl, which connects to a chillum through a sure ground of 18.8mm diameter. The smoke penetrates the tube through the chillum and gets filtered by the water before it enters your mouth. The bong includes also a kick hole at the height of the socket that will give you the option of enjoying an anternative toke angle. With the 5MM logo featuring at the top of the tube, the bong ends up in a flare mouthpice ring for a more pleasant flavor.

  • 01447

  • Color: Clear
    Ice: No
    Oil: No
    Socket: 18.8mm
    Thickness: 5mm
    Diameter: 50mm
    Height: 48cm
    Shape: Straight
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