Pyramid 44cm complete set w/diffuser

Pyramid 44cm complete set w/diffuser
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This DUD Pyramid Glass Shisha is a fine piece of glass art. It is of 44cm height and it consists of several integral parts. You place your herbs or tobacco onto the glass bowl, which is attached to an ashplate that holds the ash produced by the burning charcoal. The umber diffuser goes down the glass water container for bubbling up the smoke. The Shisha includes also a glass stopper and a glass connector that connects to a silicone hose ending up in a glass mouthpiece. The DUD logo features at the front of the glass water container. Replacement parts: 02823 Bowl, 02822 Ashplate, 02832A Diffuser, 1817 Stopper, 02678 Plastic clip, 02708 Mouthpiece

  • 02818A-S

  • Hose: 1
    Material: Glass
    Height: 40cm
    Color: Umber